fine tune therapy

pilates, sports massage, holistic massage

Kinesio Taping's can support the lymphatic and muscle systems which can substantially reduce recovery times and improve fitness levels.

Applications can also encourage lymphatic fluid to move from areas of high pressure to low pressure and towards working lymph nodes. For example, it might be necessary to clear areas where the lymph will be draining towards.

Kinesio Taping® can also help to facilitate the stretch response with movement or muscle contraction.

Kinesio taping can be a treatment on its own or after soft tissue therapy. Discussion around the injury will take place with assessment of the range of movement.

About the tape

Kinesio tape is waterproof and breathable. It can be worn during exercise, bathing, showering or swimming. It dries quickly and rarely causes skin irritation; it can last up to 5 days. Small amounts of body hair will not interfere with the effectiveness or adhesion of the tape.

Removing the tape

The tape will be easier to remove after 5 days. It is more comfortable to remove the tape in the direction of hair growth, which is usually away from the centre of the body on the trunk, and in a downward direction on the arms or legs.

Tape that is still strongly adhered to skin after 5 days may be loosened by soaking with baby oil or olive oil for 15-20 minutes before attempting to remove it.

Kinesio can help treat a wide variety of conditions due to its ability to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, relax the muscles, enhance performance and facilitate rehabilitation while supporting muscles in movement. It can also help with the following:

  • Relieves pain
  • Supports muscles in movement
  • Removes lymphatic fluid congestion
  • Corrects joint mis-alignment
  • Assists in positioning a muscle or joint into proper position for rehabilitation
  • Assists a weak muscle by placing it in a normal position
  • Improves kinesthetic awareness of posture and alignment

Skin should be dry and free of any lotions, creams or oils, including sunscreen.

Kinesio may not be suitable for those allergic to tape.

Areas of skin with significant amounts of hair should be clipped or shaved for best results, and for less pain when tape is removed.